The Story

In 2007, I was working at a bike shop about to finish grad school and I was dreading the idea of a real job. My wife and I had just been on a trip to Colorado and while visiting a backpacking and camping shop there it struck me that an outdoor shop might keep me wearing casual clothing and out of the real world. So on July 7, 2007 after much research, deliberation and planning, my wife and I opened The Bear Mountain here in Waco, TX. Since the beginning my goal has been not just to create a good outdoor store, “for Waco” but to create one of the best outdoor shops anywhere. While we may not have everything that some of the larger chains have, we can offer competitive pricing (if not better), a friendly local face and unsurpassed knowledge of the products we sell. My hope would be that when you set foot in our shop that you feel like you are in the mountains and can find something for your journey.

See you soon,

Brandon Blagg