Weekly Rides

Waco Weekly Rides

Thursday at 5:45 PM

Location: Parking lot at the Lake Waco Dam on Skeet Eason Rd

Beginner Start: Parking lot at the Lake Waco Dam on Skeet Eason Rd., near the Waco Airport. Led by Sherry Davidson, this is a no-drop ride with a pace of 14-16 mph.


Wednesday at 5:45 PM

Location: Waco Lake Hike & Bike Trail Parking lot at Skeet Eason

Meet at 5:45pm, roll out at 6:00pm Road Ride - All types of bicycles are welcome. This group will focus on basic riding skills including safety, group riding skills and improving riding ability. This is a NO DROP ride and pace and distance will be based on slowest riders. Ride distances will be between 10-25 miles and group may be split to accommodate riders wanting different distances. Average speed will be about 10-13 mph. Please be sure to fill out a Waco Bicycle Club Waiver BEFORE the start of the ride. Ride Leaders: Michelle Martin & M'Linda McGuire 512.619.8907 You’ll need a bike that rolls, a helmet (a couple to borrow will be available), water and a smile! The hardest part? Getting out of the house.


Tuesday at 5:45pm

Location: Parking lot at the Lake Waco Dam on Skeet Eason Rd., near the Waco Airport

Led by Jesse Calvillo. Distance for both A and B levels is 31 miles. The C group distance varies depending on riders and weather conditions.

“A” Level: Average speed is 19 mph plus, with max speeds in the mid-30’s. Group riding experience is required as revolving pace lines are used extensively. This is a drop ride.

“B” Level: Average speed is 15-18 mph, with max speeds in the mid/upper-20’s. Previous group riding experience is recommended. The B group may split into faster/slower groups (B1/B2). B1 will run at the upper end of the average speed range and re-group at least once between the split and end of the ride. B2 will stay in the lower/middle portion of the average speed range, and is a regroup group. It’s

recommended that B riders are able to average at least 15 mph solo over a 20 mile distance.

“C” Level: Average speed is less than 15 mph. This is a no drop ride, and geared towards cyclists with no group riding experience...


Sunday at 2:00 pm

Type: Mountain Level: All – No Drop

Start: The Redwood Shelter, Cameron Park. Wheels down every Sunday at 2:00pm This ride is for all ability levels. Rides of various lengths leave from the Redwood Shelter and venture into Waco’s crown jewel, Cameron Park. Be prepared for technical routes made up of crossings, hard packed trails, crazy climbs beginners.


Wednesday Morning rollout at 8:30am

Location: Announced on The M.O.B. (Moms on Bikes) Facebook group.


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